3 Frames

client: Lunetiers du Jura

3 Frames Render of the three models

When I applied for « Les lunetiers du Jura » contest, edition 2008, the theme was “One brand three characters”. I based my work on the link between the material and the feeling that you get from it. Each pair of glasses is a combination of two materials, the first “gives the character” of the object (hence linking the feelings of the user to the product) and the second is a common thread of the product range.

My approach was material lead. I tried to understand the relation between a matter and its image and value on the market. This link was used to inform the aesthetic of each pair of glasses.

The nose piece was designed to be more visible than usual, the glasses where design to be visible and proudly worn by the user. By increasing the contact area with the nose it was possible to remove the usual nose tabs that can be uncomfortable and are usually a weak point of the frame.

The hinges were replaced by a shape memory brass core meaning the pair of glasses would stay in tension in the sleeve and spring open as soon as you take them of it.

3 Frames Metal Prototype Top view 3 Frames Metal Prototype Side view 3 Frames Metal Prototype Front view