Boris E-Reader

client: News UK

Image of Boris-e reader - Swipe to unlock with hand swiping an Oyster card


Boris E-Reader is part of series of projects developed for News UK, for more information about the overall initiative, go to The Future of News.

The team: Kate Brangan, Josef Clinch, António Felizardo, Victor Johansson, Emma Kalkhoven, Masami Lavault, Pierre Papet, Yuhan Wan.

The insights:

The Boris E-Reader is a reference to the Boris Bike (London Rental Bike Scheme nickname). The project was back by an article and survey explaining how many users felt about taking their tablets in the tube with the fear of them being drop, damage or stolen. The second insight leading to this proposition was the fact that many of the free newspapers distributed at the entrance of the tube end up on the wagon seats or on the floor.

Image of the Boris-e reader - Swipe to unlock - Close up

The proposition:

Our proposition is a rugged e-Reader using e-Paper technology and a visual language aligned with the Tube network. It will be available at the tube station and users will unlock it with their Oyster card. The service would be a collaboration between news provider and Transport For London allowing news to be distributed throughout the network. With a renting system similar to the one used for the rental bike, i.e. returning the reader to a docking station before leaving the Tube… The e-Reader is meant to be deactivated when leaving the station and would work on the (then) newly installed Tube Wi-Fi system to load its content.

By incorporating the news consumption in the daily commute the Boris e-Reader simplify the access to news providers and take the place of the newspaper. The Oyster card would be loaded with the user subscription and his favourite source of information would load straight away.