Brand Gestures

client: News Uk

Image of a user interacting with a tablet


Boris E-Reader is part of series of projects developed for News UK, for more information about the overall initiative, go to The Future of News.

The team: Kate Brangan, Josef Clinch, António Felizardo, Victor Johansson, Emma Kalkhoven, Masami Lavault, Pierre Papet, Yuhan Wan.

The insights:

The act of reading a newspaper is a statement. It can show your political orientations, your centres of interest and by carrying a newspaper you advertise it. As newspapers paper readership is declining we sought to find a new way to make visible the content a reader is looking at when using a digital reader.

Gamer playing games such as Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds are easy to spot when you are travelling in public transport or when sitting at a coffee shop. Brand Gesture is an exploration of simples gestures that could become recognisable as being a part of a brand.

The material way:

As an Industrial designer, the first approach is to think of a product that could be used to display those gestures. A cover would provide a simple yet powerful way to augment the interaction with a tablet.

The digital way:

After further testings of a raw model, it appears that adding a cover to the tablet was superfluous. Instead, we decided to rely on the embedded accelerometer and to create a simple set of gesture that will perform usual tasks like turning page.