Edible News

client: News UK

Image of a hand reaching for a News Pills


Edible News is part of series of projects developed for News UK, for more information about the overall initiative, go to The Future of News.

The team: Kate Brangan, Josef Clinch, António Felizardo, Victor Johansson, Emma Kalkhoven, Masami Lavault, Pierre Papet, Yuhan Wan.

 The insights:

This project is a view on what future news consumption could look like. Based on an extrapolation of a science article explaining how we could be able to modify organic cells to transport information inside the body we created a scenario where news could be taken in the form of a pill.

The Times News Pill in hand

The proposition:

Although this is a far reach extrapolation we made the scenario plausible by integrating the pill consumption into a daily life ritual. The loader allowing to code the news in the Edible News Pill is a small kitchen top device that functions with a similar gesture than a toaster or a kettle. When the pill is loaded with requested information and can be taken as a food supplement.

Image of the News Pills Box closed - Back view Image of the News Pills Box Open - Front view

The props:

One of the best ways to explore and explain future scenario is to create props and video. On that project, model making skills were essential for the creation of props looking as realist as possible to give more impact to the video.