Format selector

client: News UK

Image showing a news map on a tablet


Format Selector is part of series of projects developed for News UK, for more information about the overall initiative, go to The Future of News.

The team: Kate Brangan, Josef Clinch, António Felizardo, Victor Johansson, Emma Kalkhoven, Masami Lavault, Pierre Papet, Yuhan Wan.

The insight:

Nowadays readers are more browsing than reading when looking at a news site. Some will go by titles only, other by images and then dig deeper into an article if there were caught in a first place.

The proposition:

Looking at the way we consume news we decided to create an adaptable format where the reader can choose is way through the content. Some users do not like to see aggressive picture be thrown at there faces and would rather have a list of title to explore when other will be more likely to go through a deck of images and then enter an article as soon as something catches their eyes.

Image of an Article displayed over the news map Image showing a view of Europe with news markers Image showing a view of South England with news markers

The last format we explored was a map format. Studies show that readers do not read the same kind of content at different period of the day, some will read local news in the morning and global news later in the day. Sometimes we are also confronted with our lack of geographical knowledge or want to know what happened around a particular area. Displaying news on a map allows the reader to relocate events and to get a better understanding of the context. The map selector could also be developed further to display news in a timeline, linking the events spacially and historically.

Image showing a view of South England with news being added by a user

The format could be pushed a step further by allowing peer to peer journalism and events reporting.